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    Website security

    Protect your website against attacks and intrustion, quickly and easily
    Cloud WAF Service
    From just ¥1,980

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Tsukaeru Waffle

Waffle is a Cloud-based Web Application firewall.
Waffle blocks many kinds of web attacks accurately and quickly with the industry-leading logic based analysis detection technology. Mitigate and block DDoS attacks which attempt to exhaust resources and make websites inaccessible.


From just ¥1,980/mth
Simple and affordable pricing. Pay for only what you use, starting from 50GB up to the largest site. With unlimited domains, you can add multiple sites and save!

Easy to use

Waffle uses an intuitive control panel which doesn’t require a security expert to configure. See traffic and attacks in real-time, block by IP or geolocation with ease.

Advanced Security

Our WAF is powered by a logical analysis engine that detects known, unknown and modified attacks with a higher accuracy rate than most competitors. Protect against hacking, intrusion and DDos quickly and easily.

Get protected now!


Pay for what you need. Unlimited domains included so you can create landing pages, or client websites as you need them.

Traffic GB (Bandidth) Domains 1 mth 1 yr
0 - 50 (256 Kbps) 5 ¥2,310 ¥1,980
51 - 100 (512 Kbps) 10 ¥5,280 ¥3,740
101 - 250 (1 Mbps) Unlimited ¥15,400 ¥13,200
251 - 500 (2 Mbps) Unlimited ¥28,600 ¥24,200
501 - 1,000 (5 Mbps) Unlimited ¥46,200 ¥41,800
1,001 - 2,000 (10 Mbps) Unlimited ¥85,800 ¥74,800
100 Mbps Unlimited ¥198,000 ¥176,000

* Prices are tax included

1 Month free trial

Contact us for a 1 month free trial today to check your monthly traffic. Protect your website before it is too late.

Benefits of Waffle

Is your website safe?

Without a proactive web security policy, your website is vulnerable to any number of attacks. Don’t assume your website won’t be attacked just because you don’t expect a lot of access! Your website can be used as a gateway for data leaks, attacks on other servers and can severely damage the reputation of your business.


How it works

A cloud web application firewall such as Waffle continuously monitors and analyses all inbound access to your website, only allowing trusted and verified visitors. Access that is seen to be invalid or malicious is automatically blocked, ensuring your web presence is safe and kept online.


Protected Vulnerabilities and Attacks

Do you know just how often your website is being targeted? Even the smallest website is said to be attacked 10 times per week.

  • point

    DDoS Attacks

  • point

    Malware upload

  • point

    Security Attacks

  • point

    SQL Injection

  • point

    Buffer Overflow

  • point

    Abnormal Requests

  • point

    Cross-site scripting

  • point

    Stealth Coding

  • point

    Data leaks

  • point

    Directory Listing

  • point

    Include Injection

  • point

    Zero-day attacks

4 features of Waffle


Quick and easy protection!

Protect your website from external threats with enterprise-grade protection without the price tag. Turn on protection with one click when hosted with Tsukaeru, or by updating a couple of DNS records when hosted elsewhere. Check the status of threats in real time and quickly black-list any regular threats.

User Friendly

Intuitive, simple control

There is no need for advanced IT knowledge to configure our Cloud WAF. Set and forget. Easy to understand reports and attack maps will let you sleep easy at night knowing your online presence is safe and secure.

User Friendly
High security

Intelligent Cloud WAF

Our logic-based detection engine to detect known, unknown and even modified attacks with industry-leading accuracy, powered by PentaSecurity. Competitors utilizing outdated technology provide cloud-based WAF services which protect websites by matching pattern from a database. However, this typical detection method often blocks legitimate traffic and is ineffective against unknown attacks. Our technology is intelligent enough that you don’t need to be concerned about granular management. Lower false positives means a better experience for your customers.


Free SSL Certificate

Modern browsers require SSL
Easily configure SSL on your website by adding Waffle. Your site will be secured using “Let’s Encrypt” SSL without the need for you to install separately. Register your domain, and get protected with unlimited domains.


Get started in just 5 minutes

3 easy steps to be secure. Register, add domain, change DNS. We’ll even automate DNS changes if your domain is hosted with us.


Protect your website with Tsukaeru Waffle

Regardless of the size of your website, we’ve got your covered. With multiple 10Gbps connections, our network can handle even the most popular sites. Get started now with a FREE 1 month trial.


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What is a WAF

A Web Application Firewall (or WAF) is a type of firewall that is dedicated to filtering access to your online application. A WAF inspects traffic and automatically detects and protects against attacks such as SQL Injections, cross-site scripting (XSS), file inclusion and security configuration problems. In addition, a cloud-based service with large available bandwidth can protect against DDoS access flooding by preventing access from reaching the applications infrastructure.


WAF Service Comparison:Appliance, Software and Cloud

We investigate the merits and demerits of each type of solution below.

WAF Appliance



・A WAF appliance provided by a security vendor is usually installed in a network configuration directly above other general purpose server infrastructure.

・Due to the physical location of the hardware, the performance of the WAF is not affected by the numbers of servers or network performance as can be the case with software solutions.


・Enterprise-grade WAF appliances can easily reach $100,000 or more. Moreover, ongoing maintenance and licensing is also required.

・Configuration can be very complicated with misconfiguration causing unexpected security holes or false positives. On-going maintenance is required by either internal administrators our outsourced contractors.

Software-based WAF



・Software-based WAF solutions can be installed on existing physical or virual server infrastructure.

・Lower implementation cost as separate hardware appliance is not required.


Attacks can significantly increase the load on infrastructure, slowing the overall application performance.

・Direct network access from attacks limits the ability to avoid DDoS attacks.





Need to be expertise

Require Expertise

Tsukaeru Waffle” Cloud-based WAF

使えるwaffle waf

Complete cloud-based Web-Application Firewall


・Service hosted in secure datacenters globally
・No appliance of software required, lowering initial costs
・No maintenance or administration, lowering running costs
・Operation and maintenance performed by our highly experienced engineers, so no need for internal staff to manage security, while still being safe from the latest threats at all times.
・Overall improved security and cost savings

Traditional WAF vs Cloud WAF

Tsukaeru Waffle


(Cloud-based WAF)



Hardware & software license purchase, implementation time, cost and maintenance can be very expensive. Costly yearly ongoing updates and maintenance contracts.



No setup fees or hardware purchase required. Easy and quick setup with just 3 steps.
From just ¥1,800 per month.



Requires extensive configuration per domain or application. Can take up to 6 months until production ready.



Takes just 5 minutes to register and configure



May require an security engineer to reconfigure regularly with application updates.



Our highly-trained engineers perform all required updates and maintenance on the WAF platform.

Expertise reqired


Implementation, ongoing configuration and maintenance updates require expert knowledge



Set and forget. Check the status of your site in our intuitive control panel, making any adjustments with ease.

Easy, Affordable, Secure

Just signup, register domain and you are protected. No need to wait months to order your hardware, hire engineers or maintain software. A simple and effective web application firewall is a critical part of any security policy, protecting your data, identity and reputation.


AI Web Application Firewall

Waffles’ enterprise-level web application firewall protects your websites from known, unknown, and modified web attacks with precision.

Competitors utilizing outdated technology provide cloud-based WAF services which protect websites by matching pattern from a database. However, this typical detection method often blocks legitimate traffic and is ineffective against unknown attacks.

Waffle not only detects known attack patterns via pattern-matching analysis, but also analyzes traffic for malicious behavior with two additional unique detection methods: Semantic analysis and Heuristic analysis. This allows our logic-based detection engine to detect known, unknown and even modified attacks with industry-leading accuracy.


Website security Solved


Lower Costs


Easy Advanced Security


User Friendly

3 Simple steps

No need for hardware, downloads or installation. Get protected with 3 simple steps.


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