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    Reseller Partner Program

    Our Cloud-services reseller program offers a unique opportunity to increase ARPU via value-add services to your product line-up, differenting from your competition and increase recurring revenue.

Partner Program

With a differentiated and competitive product set in highly demanded Cloud solutions, including infrastructure, cloud backup and DR and security services, Tsukaeru offers a unique opportunity to expand your business.

  • Offer Cloud services to your customer base as Tsukaeru, or under your own brand
  • Differentiate with unique cloud service offerings increasing your business opportunity and ARPU
  • Easily onboard Value-add services for highly demanded security, backup and DR solutions
  • Create cashflow via a proven recurring revenue model
  • No large investment required to get started
  • No inventory required, with simple sales cycle and automated provisioning

Cloud Services


Cloud Backup

Tsukaeru Cloud backup, powered by Acronis Data Cloud, is a fast, scalable and reliable backup solution for files, applications, and complete systems. Along with your data, protect your applications, user accounts and settings, along with the entire OS any PC, Mac or server. Recover faster and to any hardware to minimize your downtime and lost productivity. Off-site backup is the only sure protection against Ransomware attacks that are targeting you today.


Tsukaeru Waffle

A Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall), that monitors all traffic to your website, blocking attacks before they reach your website. We offer enterprise-grade security for a low monthly price. Protect your website before you are attacked, or blacklisted.


Tsukaeru MailBuster

Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing, ransomware and malware attacks. Mail Buster applies proprietary machine-learning smart technologies to eliminate spam mail and mail-based threats before it reaches your network. Our per-domain name pricing will not be beaten.


Tsukaeru Filebako

Filebako is an innovative cloud-based file server, which replaces legacy on-premise servers. Differentiate your product offering to other file sharing services with our Virtual Drive technology, hosted in your region for your security and productivity. Filebako is a perfect solution for service companies that regularly share data with clients in multiple locations, which can be installed quickly and easily.

Choose from three partnering options to match your business from our advanced, but easy Affiliate program, to White label partner with access to our wholesale pricing.


1. Reseller partner

Offer Tsukaeru services to your customers, fully supported by our highly experienced professionals, with the peace of mind that your reputation will be upheld. We will provide you with catalogues and sales tools to drive your success.


2. White label partner

The most flexible and profitable partner program. Offer all Tsukaeru services as your own, or a white label branded service. You are free to package, price and promote our wholesale cloud services according to your strategic business positioning. As a white label partner, you can invoice your end customers directly with monthly invoicing from us.