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    Office 365

    Complete data protection for all Office 365 mail, files, and folders. Safeguard against data loss by backing up important files from Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint to the cloud.

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What is Office 365 Protection?

Office 365 Protection offers a complete backup service for all Office 365 data. After a simple setup procedure, all Office 365 emails and files are backed up directly to the cloud, with no additional programs needed. All valuable data will be safeguarded from any potential file loss, including those due to manual errors, termination of member accounts, and viruses

Summary of Features & Functions


Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint agentless backup

All files from Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint will be backed up directly to the Tsukaeru's datacenter in Nagano. Data from Exchange such as file attachments, tasks, calendar items, emails, and contacts will receive full protection. The service is agentless, meaning no other programs are required on the user’s device, allowing for swift and seamless use.


Search and recover E-mail and files for free

With Office 365 Protection, searching and restoring backed up data is easy and cost-free. Detailed specifications can be set for recovery, and in addition to this, data can be recovered between users and group. Backed up files can also be searched for at any time from the management screen, and can be found easily by date and time.


Flexible and secure

Set up a schedule for data backup according to your preferences ‒ for example, during system shutdown or start-up. Advanced schedule settings are also available, and can be put in place to ensure that backup does not occur while connected to a specified network or when connection speed is slow.

Complete Protection for Office 365

Office 365 Protection offers complete backup services for Exchange Online, OneDrive for
Business, and SharePoint Online.


In addition to mail and file attachments, tasks and contacts will also be fully preserved.


Total protection for all files and folders.


All communication and team sites will be safeguarded against data loss.

Complete data backups, including all new user data, are performed automatically, ensuring all files continue to be safe and secure.


Features of Tsukaeru Cloud Backup

Office 365 Protection is one major feature of the Tsukaeru Cloud Backup, the secure and affordable solution for ransomware protection and DR/BCP measures.

After a short set-up time of only five minutes, Tsukaeru Cloud Backup provides complete protection for your device’s system, including the entire OS. The seamless process of data recovery only takes a few minutes. During times of emergency, the system can be switched easily to a machine at the Tsukaeru Datacenter, a process that only takes a matter of seconds.

Since the service is entirely cloud-based, there are no setup costs and no expensive appliances required to get started.

Tsukaeru Cloud backup

Office 365 Support


Full Support

Our Office 365 specialists will provide the highest level of support for the full line of Office Suite products.


Office 365 Expertise

To maximize the return on your investment in Office 365, our experts will devise the perfect plan for you, moving forward.


Partnership with Microsoft

As an official reseller and partner of Microsoft, our team can offer all users top-quality, reliable support that is Microsoft-approved.


Mail Migration

We have a great track record of ensuring the safe migration of thousands of mailboxes without any downtime or technical issues.

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Office 365 Protection

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